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Thinkin is to communication what CRISPR is to DNA. 

What we thought was inevitable, can now be changed.


So, switch to 21st-century communication and enjoy these benefits:


Be more PRODUCTIVE, be more INCLUSIVE, be more EFFICIENT and be more INNOVATIVE


Find out what Thinkin can do for your organisation.


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Why is Thinkin offering more, more, more, more

Thinkin offers more PRODUCTIVITY as it gives participants the choice to contribute from a position of strength and in doing so guarantees best results for parts of the answer as well as best result for the overall answer,  USE THINKIN TO GROW.


Thinkin offers more INCLUSIVENESS as it guarantees everyone the freedom and security to be judged on what you contribute. What you say matters, not who you are, what your reputation is, etc. USE THINKIN TO LISTEN TO SOCIETY.


Thinkin offers more EFFICIENCY as it builds on research into information processing, motivation, choice, attention. All of which add up to using much less time while achieving better resultsand fewer issues to fix down the line. USE THINKIN TO CELEBRATE THE TALENT IN YOUR COMPANY.


Thinkin offers more INNOVATION as Thinkin offers people more freedom and security to contribute out-of-the-box views and more freedom and security to support such contributions. USE THINKIN TO CO-CREATE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS.


Start making your organisation perform better, start making people happy. Start Thinkin.

Thinkin is to communication what CRISPR is to DNA. And this is how we do it.

step-1 (2)

Start the process with what you want resolved and with whom

You are in charge of the discussion with a good headline which people will respond to. You supplement this with a bit of context so people you invite can help you better. You also define the specific aspects of the challenge and supplement these with as much additional useful information. All this to give the contributions as much focus as possible. Next you invite the people you would like to work with this round, who can either be selected by name or by characteristics. Then you set the time-boxes for the whole process to be completed in. And you are ready to go to the next step where your network takes over.


Response per aspect

The whole idea behind Thinkin is that often we are in situations that are best resolved with input from people who are really knowledgeable per aspect. So the person asking you to contribute is a) convinced you have a contribution to make, and b) absolutely comfortable with you only answering aspects you know something about. When contributing to an aspect you know enough about you can do so safely. Knowing that only the answers rated by your peers as top5 answers will be published. And only upon releasing the report will your name be seen as a Top-5 contributor.

step 2
step 3
step-3 (2)

Evaluate answers per aspect

Between step 2, the time-box for contributing, and step 3, the one for evaluating, everyone who has submitted a contribution for an aspect is assigned five contributions from others about that aspect to look at and valuate. You valuate without knowing who's piece you are reading, the person will not know either it is you rated who rated his or her piece. So you can, and we are very proud to have created that safety for you, be completely honest. A good piece is simply a good piece, less valuable contributions will not be called 'good'. And the best answers will be published.


Assembling the best contributions for an overall answer

Once the top5's, one per aspect, are known we ask everyone to help assemble the best overall answer based on the top-5 contributions per aspect. Mind you, all contributions are still anonymous, so we talk pure content. This, 'connecting the dots' may throw a different light on matters as the overall quality rather than the aspect-related quality is at stake here. Everyone again has the chance to learn during this step particularly regarding the aspects not normally part of one's body-of-knowledge.

step 4
step 5

Read the report

Concluding the process is the reporting step, where you, as the person having started the whole process, see the contributions people have assembled for you. We also see, for the first time who made the contributions in order for you to act on them with the people who apparently helped you the most this time. And you subsequently decide whether you also share the report with all the others.

More value

Either individually or as an organisation. For your colleagues, friends, members, pupils, workers or customers. For your bottom-line or for your soul. Thinkin, makes everyone matter.

Free trial
30 days
Well, free of course

Sometimes a new thing seems absolutely thrilling but you are a little unsure as to whether you will do it.

No problem, since we offer you a free 30 days trial. And obviously we offer this to your friends, the connections your are linked with, your colleagues at work as well.

Or maybe better, why don't you offer it to them? There is a easy to use function inside to do just that. 

So, come join us, invite your friends and celebrate your network with social-results. 

Your business case
Tailored offering
Let's talk, you'll be surprised

How to measure the value of Thinkin?

When you're more productive, that directly affects your turn-over and bottom-line.

When you're more inclusive, more of your colleagues, friends, members, pupils, workers will be happier. Happy people are more productive, healthier, more sharing.

When you're more efficient it leaves time to do the things that matter to you, to your colleagues, friends, members, pupils, workers.

When you're more innovative, the whole world can change! We obviously don't promise you that, but it is possible. 

We love to talk with you and surprise you by how you can start adding to your bottom-line within a couple of weeks.

Thanks for seeing the potential and hope to talk soon.

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 (But if the idea appeals to you, let us know. Through Thanks.)

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