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Was Heraclitus wrong?

Heraclitus was a Greek philosopher probably best known for his saying that 'one can not step into the same river twice' . There are a number of variations to this saying which in itself is a fitting tribute I would think. Plato, a philospher himself, is amongst the greats who have helped pass down this thought.

What did Heraclitus mean? Maybe we will never know, or at least will never be able to explain it the same way more than once. So any explanation is different, if only in minute ways. 

One way it has been put is that Heraclitus' thought basically says that everything changes all the time. A very distant echo of which we find in the Pink Floyd song 'Time', where they echo the Greek's saying with 'the sun is the same in a relative way'. 

Even if true, for some changes it may be that we do not notice the difference during our lifetime, like the change in the Earth's orbit around the Sun will not make us set our alarmclocks to a different hour, probably. So for certain situations we look at Heraclitus in vain. 

Nonetheless, given the rate of change of most things these days, Heraclitus has greatly influenced Thinkin. Here, we, as networks of contributors feel we best assess every situaton anew, since some changes are very noticeble and press us to give a different contribution than we did last time. 

It's great to be a ferryman these days.

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