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  • Is the price including VAT?

    The list-price and the price you get when using a code are inclusive of VAT. For those who need one or like to have an invoice, you can leave your details after payment upon which we will send you an official invoice through e-mail.

  • Discount codes

    I have a discount code that is no longer valid, now what? Well, this may obviously happen. And is a slight disappointment, we can understand that. There are two things you can do, wait a while longer, hoping for another discount, be we will offer you a default discount as a minor consolation, so the list-price will never ever have to be paid by anyone. Hope you like the thought.

  • What do you do with my answers after I have discontinued my subscription.

    We at Thinkin have a long term goal of helping to build a knowledge base for the future where we will be able to help others in need of answers, but without enough people known to them to help them out in Thinkin. Using such technologies as are currently at the cutting edge of Big Data processing. We will tell you more about these matters when they unfold, so even though you may no longer be a subscriber, please do come and check back from time to time. And of course we like to see you come back soon, maybe our next release offers exactly what you were missing earlier?

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